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Healing Ancestral Trauma:
Feeling the Past to Free the Future
July 14 – 20, 2019
Southern Colorado

The stories of our ancestors are part of who we are today. The past is not behind us; it’s alive in us now, moment to moment. Our roots are channels for not only the traumas and wounds of our ancestors, but also their resources and wisdom. This program provides an opportunity to transform the energy of trauma we have inherited.  By feeling our past, we hold the potential to free our future.

Who this program is for
We see this program as a rite of renewal and restoration to wholeness. By consciously exploring how the shadows of the past are impacting us today, we can begin to heal our shame, fear, mistrust, numbness, grief, and other feelings that perhaps lie dormant from “looking away.”

Program overview
We will camp for 7 days on private land in the mountains of southern Colorado. Through ritual, sharing councils, teachings on the Four Shields (an ancient means of looking into the mirror of Nature), and afternoon periods of contemplative walks in solitude, we explore together the landscape of ancestral trauma. A 24-hour solo with fasting (optional) begins on the morning of day 5. Although we will be camping, activities undertaken will be non-strenuous.

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