Prior Events

Compassionate Listening: Honoring Diversity
Mondays, March 30, April 13 and 27

Please consider joining us for this upcoming listening practice group. We will work with Andrea Cohen’s book “Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening”, and it would be helpful to read chapters 1-3 before the first meeting.

Compassionate Listening is a practice that was originally developed for listening trips to areas of conflict.  However, the practices are very applicable in our personal lives, as well as in the life of our community.

Some of the topics we will explore are:

  • centering and compassion practices
  • listening for underlying values that may connect us to those whose opinions differ from ours
  • exploring what triggers us and how to manage our response
  • looking at our deep seated judgments about ourselves and others
  • exploring the victim/perpetrator/rescuer triangle

The book “Practicing the Art of Compassionate Listening” is available from Anna Coffman for $16, or you can look for it online. A few loaner copies of the book will be available if the cost of the book is an obstacle to your participation.

Please call or email for more information or to register.

Walk with the Seasons: Spring
Tuesdays, March 31 and April 14
2 groups: 4-6pm OR 7-9pm

Please join us in this exploration of our connection with the spring season, both in the outer landscape, as well as in its reflection in us.

We will meet on Tuesday, March 31 to learn about being in nature in an intentional and intuitive way, and to explore our individual intentions around connecting with the spring season. Participants are then invited to plan on a time between the two sessions, when they can wander alone in a natural area for some length of time. 2-4 hours are ideal, but it could be as short as 1 hour. On Tuesday, April 14 we will gather again to share our stories and reflect on our experiences.

This walk is part of an ongoing seasonal series, but each walk can be attended independent of the others.

There is no charge for this program. You are invited to make a donation to an organization that nurtures the health of our planet, this planet that holds and nurtures all of us.

Number of participants is limited to 8 in each group.

Summer Solstice Celebration
Thursday, June 20, 7pm – 8:30pm

Summer Solstice – Midsummer’s Night – the longest day of the year – has been celebrated by peoples in the Northern Hemisphere for millennia. It is the time half way between planting and harvesting, a time of long days, of blossoming and abundance, of appreciating the gifts of the sun. What is blossoming in you? What gifts are you appreciating?

Please join us for a celebration with fire, drumming and dancing. The Summer Solstice Celebration will be held at an outdoor  location 3 miles from Corvallis.

This celebration is one in a series of eight “Wheel of the Year” services held by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship each year.

Living With Loss – Support Group
Last Thursday of each month, next meeting June 27, 7pm – 8:30pm

Has someone close to you died? Have you lost your job or your home? Has an important relationship ended? Your pet died? Is your health failing? Your partner or parent’s health failing?

There are many types of loss and our grief for the loss can affect all areas of our lives.  During the time of grieving it can often be helpful to be in a supportive environment with others who have also experienced loss.
Please join us for this monthly drop-in group for anyone living with loss. We will support each other as we navigate the time of grief, and will learn new tools to help us move towards the future and renewed engagement in life.

This program is co-sponsored by the Caring Connection of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis.

Dying for Beginners

Wednesday, February 20, 2013  7pm-8:30pm

Anna  will again draw on her training and experience as hospice nurse and vision quest guide to help us learn about, and practice, some of the tasks faced by dying people, tasks that are often more easily dealt with when we are not close to death yet.
The February session focuses on finding meaning in life in the face of death.
This evening is part of an ongoing series, but each class is independent of the others. There is no charge for this program.




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